A brief description

At date, the robot consists of the following hardware parts:

*) Mainframe: An old Asus EEE 901 with an Atom processor @ 1.5 GHz
*) An Arduino controller used as an I/O device
*) A home made board made out of 2 PIC 12f629's used as a servo controller (capable of controlling 6 servos)
*) A home made board for controlling voltage with digital signals through an optocoupler (capable of controlling 4 generic D/C devices)
*) A head consisting of 2 servos, a web camera and a small 5 mW laser
*) An arm made out of Meccano and 3 servos
*) Wires, batteries etc, etc.

The software is based upon a linux 2.6.38 kernel running ubuntu 11.04 (natty) server. The main program is written in c#, some of the peripheral modules in c (for the opencv, gstreamer and cmusphinx libraries) and so is of course the Arduino software, process scripting will be written in ruby, and the PIC controllers is programmed using PIC assembly language.

I'm building a robot

If I think to much how I write about what I write about, there will be no time to build a robot and therefore, I must not think.

During the last few months I've been building a robot. It's a fairly ambitious, yet quite unpretentious project for my sole pleasure only. My intentions with this blog is to promote some achievements and eventually focus on some of the solutions I've come up with.